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RedStar Rakeback FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Rake?

The rake is a percentage of money that the poker room takes from each pot in order to make a profit. In cash games the rake ranges anywhere from a nickel to three dollars. The rake for tournaments and SNGs is typically around 10%. But as soon as you signup through us you can start pocketing extra dollars with rakeback!!

What is Rakeback?

Rakeback is a percentage of the rake that you get back from either the pokerroom or sometimes get back through an affiliate ( is an affiliate). When you sign up for RedStar Poker Rakeback through this website, 33% of the rake taken from you by Red Star is sent directly back to the cashier in your poker account! This can add up very fast! For instance if you play 20 different 10+1 Sit-N-Gos in a day, you've paid out $20 dollars in rake to the poker site. Lets say you try to play 5 days a week. Now that is 100 Sit-N-Gos weekly, and over 400 monthly. If you signup for Rakeback through us, then you will get over $120 dollars extra in your poker account at the end of the month! (Another way of putting it: You just paid $280 in rake this month rather than $400!)

Why should I sign up for Rakeback?

Rakeback is completely free and there is no catch. RedStar Poker allows affiliates like us to promote rakeback and reward the players for playing on their site. RedStar wants to incentivize web developers who advertise their poker site, and offering rakeback is the way they do this since affiliates get paid a small bonus for bringing players to the poker room.

How much can I make with Rakeback?

This can depend on many factors such as the stakes you play and how many hands you play everyday. If you use pokertracker then you can just check out your rake information under the game information tab in your pokertracker interface. Otherwise you will want to estimate your rake by estimating your average number of hands per hour (check the poker lobby for your table), average rake per hand, and how often you see the flop. Then once you have a fairly accurate estimate of how much rake you are paying weekly or monthly, take 33% of that figure and that is the amount you will be making with Rakeback.

When do I get paid my Rakeback?

Red Star will pay your rakeback directly to your poker account monthly between the 1st and 5th of the month. You can cash it out whenever and as often as you like after it is paid to your account, because it is just cash in your account like any other dollar you have won at the poker table.

Why should I sign up for Rakeback at has set up an official deal for Rakeback at RedStar Poker. You get 33% Rakeback paid to you when you use our link and signup code. Not only that, but Red Star has allowed us to offer a first time RedStar Poker Deposit Bonus of $500. All you have to do is use the sign up code CHECKRAISE27 when you make an account and they will match your first deposit up to $500 with bonus money... on top of your 33% RedStar Poker Rakeback!

I've got more questions that aren't answered in this FAQ?

Feel free to contact us for any questions at


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