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How to Signup for Red Star Poker Rakeback

It's a pretty simple process. Just be sure you follow these steps and you will be playing for real money against the fishiest players on the internet in a few moments.

  1. If you are not using Internet Explorer, please close your browser and open Internet Explorer. You must delete all cookies from Internet Explorer. (Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies). If you skip this step it may interfere with how your player ID is tracked for rakeback! Click Here if you are having problems with deleting cookies.

  2. Download the Red Star Poker software using our link. Be sure to USE OUR LINK so that Redstar knows you will be receiving rakeback.

  3. Once you have finished installing the software, you will fill out your account information. During this step you will be asked for your Signup Code. Type in CHECKRAISE27 and your account will be setup properly for rakeback! Check out the picture below to see how this will look.
  4. Screenshot

  5. You MUST come back to Redstar Poker Bonuses and fill out the form below in order to begin receiving rakeback at Red Star Poker!
  6. Your Email Address

    [You *MUST* enter a valid email to complete your signup!]

    Red Star Poker Screen name

Thats all there is to it! Your Rakeback money will be deposited automatically into your poker account. Now you're ready to play poker and win some money!

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